Treating addiction and supporting families

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We help people   to achieve addiction free lives…

“Eighteen   months ago I was hopelessly addicted to heroin and crack-cocaine… I   was isolated, confused and only knew other addicts.  I am now free of   drugs, including methadone, have moved into my own flat and am rebuilding my   relationship with my daughters”

“I was   mentally and physically exhausted.  I had tortured my mind and body for   16 years… I am not two months clean of mind altering substances… Having   my family back is just one of the miracles…  God Bless   the Living Room.”

We help people who have been affected by other the addiction of family members and friends…

“For years I had   been struggling to help my daughter to overcome her problems – self-harm,   alcohol abuse, overeating and an obsessive relationship… I worried about   her all the time, constantly trying to think of new things to try to help…   My health began to suffer. I started to feel anxious all the time,   experienced panic attacks, I couldn’t sleep and found it hard to   concentrate…. The Living Room helped me to see my own unhealthy behaviours   and to accept the futility of trying to change someone else… After a few   months at The Living Room I fell like a different person.  I feel confident.  Amazingly, as I have changed there have   been changes in my daughter.  When I   spent time with her I see my lovely daughter again. I can’t thank The Living Room enough for everything they have done”

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